Displaying Additional Fields in Text Columns

If you need to display additional data in your Gantt chart, you can add up to five text columns on the left-hand side of your chart. These columns sit to the right of your swimlane grouping:

data column

Here's how to add text columns:

  1. Go to Home > Project View Properties > Rows/Swimlanes, and click on the Text Column Properties button:

  2. On the subform, there is a separate tab for each of the five text columns. Each tab lets you define the settings for a different text column:

  3. To turn a text column on, check the Show this box. Next, select your desired Project, Project Server, or Excel field from the Field dropdown:

    If you don't see the field that you want to import, please read these instructions for more information. If you are using Project Online or Project Server and the previous set of instructions doesn't provide you the fields that you need, we have additional instructions on enterprise custom fields.
  4. Different types of fields will give you different formatting choices. For example, if you select a number field, you will get the following:

  5. You can also customize the font, alignment and width for each text column. Once you are finished, click OK, and OnePager will display the data in the columns you have chosen.