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Custom Milestone Shapes

Out of the box, OnePager comes with more than 600 standard milestone shapes. Most users find that these standard milestone shapes in OnePager are more than sufficient, but occasionally, there is a need for something custom.

What is a Custom Milestone Shape?

Unlike traditional image files or icons, OnePager's dynamic milestone shapes are special because their properties are configurable. With a OnePager milestone shape, you can change the fill pattern, background color, border style, and other properties. Image files, on the other hand, are static and can't be customized the way that milestone shapes typically are.

For this reason, OnePager uses a special *.tas file for its dynamic milestone shapes instead of an image file like *.gif or *.png, which don't offer the same flexibility.

Requesting a Custom Milestone Shape

Our engineering team has the ability to create custom milestone shapes in *.tas format upon request for a nominal cost, which varies based on the number and complexity of the shapes being requested. For example, a shape that is already in Adobe Illustrator or SVG format is easier to turn into a OnePager dynamic milestone shape than a screenshot, sketch, or photo of the desired shape. Along the same lines, a minor modification to an existing milestone shape is less work than creating a brand-new shape design from the ground up.

To get a quote, please e-mail [email protected].

Importing a Custom Milestone Shape

If you have already received your custom milestone shape in *.tas format, it's easy to import into OnePager:

  1. Copy all of your custom milestone shapes (*.tas format) to OnePager's milestone shapes folder. This is typically \Documents\OnePager\Milestones\:

    It is normal for this folder to be empty to begin with, since all of OnePager's standard milestone shapes are stored elsewhere. This folder is only designated for custom milestone shapes that you are planning to import on your own.

  2. Launch OnePager, and either create a new chart or open an existing chart of your choosing.

  3. Once the chart is opened or created, go to Home > Chart Properties > Milestones. Click on the milestone dropdown:

    OnePager milestone shape chooser

  4. Once the milestone shape chooser is open, go to the Custom tab, click on the Browse button, and locate the *.tas files that you would like to import:

    Import custom milestone shapes

  5. Open each milestone shape individually. Once opened, OnePager will display the shape on the Custom tab, indicating that it is ready for future use. There is not a need to open the same shape more than once. Once a shape has been imported, it will stay imported:

    Custom milestone shapes imported into OnePager

Last Updated: December 15, 2022