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OnePager Standalone won't Start with Office 365

Recently, Microsoft released a bad update to Office 365 that disabled a driver which OnePager uses to launch outside of Project and Excel. As a result, users of Office 365 may observe that they are able to use OnePager as an add-in to Excel or Project, but not as a standalone desktop application.

Short of repairing your installation of Office, there are several easier ways to fix this issue.

Upgrade OnePager

OnePager versions 7.0.14 and later will detect most cases where a Microsoft component is missing or configured incorrectly, and will automatically switch to a different, non-Microsoft driver that is more stable.

If your maintenance subscription is current, you can upgrade OnePager, installing any version of the application 7.0.14 or later. For the vast majority of users, simply upgrading to a newer version of OnePager will immediately resolve Microsoft's issue.

Install the Microsoft Patch

Microsoft makes the following patch available to get around their issue:

Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable

Download and install the version that matches your installation of Office 365:

IMPORTANT: You need to download the version that matches your installation of Office 365, which is NOT ALWAYS THE SAME as the version of Windows you have. To double-check the bitness of Office 365, go to File > Account > About Project (or About Excel). You will see either 32-bit or 64-bit noted next to the Office 365 version number.

Once installed, reboot your computer, and OnePager should be able to launch successfully from outside Office 365.

Use OnePager as an Add-In

Microsoft's issue is usually limited to launching OnePager outside of Office 365. If you do not have the ability to upgrade OnePager or to install Microsoft drivers, you can avoid the issue by launching OnePager as an add-in to Project or Excel. In most cases, OnePager will already be enabled on the Project or Excel Add-Ins tab, but if not, a simple reinstall of OnePager will typically enable it there.

Last Updated: August 19, 2021