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Does OnePager Work with Smartsheet?

Yes. OnePager works with Smartsheet via Excel. To use OnePager with Smartsheet, simply export one or more of your project plans to Excel and then import them into OnePager to build a timeline or a Gantt chart.

Smartsheet Step-by-Step Instructions

Depending on the type of project report you want to create from smartsheet, we have several step-by-step guides:

  • Smartsheet Gantt Chart: Import a project plan from Smartsheet and turn it into a simple Gantt chart.
  • Smartsheet Swimlane Chart: Import a project plan from Smartsheet and group it into swimlanes based on the phases (parent rows) in the Smartsheet plan. You can also create multiple levels of child swimlanes if you need to show a hierarchy in your project plan.
  • Smartsheet Multi-Project Gantt Chart: Import multiple project plans from Smartsheet and group them into swimlanes with a separate Gantt section for each subproject.
  • Smartsheet Timeline: Import tasks and group them into a timeline layout based on their parent task or phase.
  • Smartsheet Multi-Project Timeline: Import parent (summary) tasks from multiple Smartsheet projects and align each sequence of parent tasks into a single row timeline layout. Assign each phase a color so that the same phase across multiple projects can be easily identified.
  • Smartsheet Status Report: Create a stoplight chart or RAG status report where tasks are assigned a color based on their status in Smartsheet.

Exporting from Smartsheet

As a general rule, we recommend exporting the following Smartsheet fields to Excel before importing into OnePager:

  • Row ID (AutoNumber)
  • Task Name
  • Start Date
  • Finish Date

You can also create a checkbox column in Smartsheet to define which Smartsheet rows to include in your OnePager chart.

Last Updated: July 6, 2021