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Cannot Open (Second) OnePager Report

If you are experiencing an issue where OnePager launches successfully, but is not able to open a report--especially if you already have one chart open, but cannot open a second, it's possible that another application is touching one of OnePager's system files and locking it, which prevents subsequent OnePager files from being opened.

This scenario can be verified by looking for the error below in your OnePager logs and looking for a warning like this:

"The process cannot access the file 'C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager\temp\_binaryDB.tdb' because it is being used by another process."

Accessing OnePager logs

Accessing your OnePager logs will help you determine whether this is the cause of your issue. Depending on which edition of OnePager you are running, your logs will be located in one of two places:

  • OnePager Pro: C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager\logs
  • OnePager Express: C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager Express\logs

If you see any references to "_binaryDB.tdb" being in use by another process, you will know that this is the cause of your issue.

Watching _binaryDB.tdb in Your Temp Folder

Once your logs have confirmed the source of the issue, the next steps are to look for the _binaryDB.tdb file in your OnePager temporary folder. Again, based on the edition of OnePager you are running, the location of your temp folder will be in one of two places:

  • OnePager Pro: C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager\temp
  • OnePager Express: C:\Users\[yourname]\AppData\Local\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager Express\temp

If you see the _binaryDB.tdb file sitting in the temp folder, try to delete it if you can. Once deleted, keep the temp folder open and try again to open your OnePager chart. If the first chart opens successfully, try opening a second chart.

You should see that the _binaryDB.tdb appears in your temp folder for a few seconds while you are opening a chart and then automatically disappears once the chart is completely open. Sometimes the file appears and disappears so quickly that you don't even see it--that's normal. On the other hand, if you find that the file appears and then sticks, then it's likely that another process is holding onto the file and locking it so that OnePager can't delete it. This prevents OnePager from opening any subsequent charts.

Finding the Source of the Lock

If a process other than OnePager is locking the _binaryDB.tdb file, you will need to locate that process and stop it. This can be done with a tool called Process Monitor, which runs a real time log of all processes on your computer, and can be filtered to point specifically at the _binaryDB.tdb file itself or more generally at the temp folder. We have separate instructions on how to use Process Monitor with OnePager.

After you have configured your Process Monitor to look at the _binaryDB.tdb file and or temp folder, you should expect to see results similar to the ones shown below:

Once you have identified the application locking the temporary file, you will need to create an exception within that application to prevent it from further locking it. In this example, the offending process is Parity.exe from Carbon Black.

Anti-Virus Tools are Common Culprits

We have had several reports of scanning tools locking OnePager's system files. These tools are meant to seek out viruses, malware, etc., but during the scanning process, it can momentarily lock files from being used, which causes this issue.

One application in particular you should watch out for is named Bit9, which is also known as Carbon Black Enterprise Protection. When Bit9 sees a file written to a disk, it opens the file, creates a hash of the file, and sends that to a central Carbon Black server. It is supposed to be seamless, but on occasion it takes just long enough to lock OnePager out of its own file. If you use Bit9 or any other Carbon Black products, you should disable them for the OnePager temp folder and other OnePager system folders if you are experiencing this issue.

Last Updated: December 27, 2019