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Filtering Your Primavera P6 Activities for OnePager

When creating a OnePager chart from Primavera P6, you usually don't want to include every single activity. Follow these instructions to learn how to filter your P6 schedule before importing it into your OnePager Gantt chart:

    Creating a User Defined Field for OnePager

  1. In Primavera P6, go to Enterprise > User Defined Fields or follow Oracle's instructions on how to create user-defined fields in Primavera P6.

  2. Click Add, and create a custom text field called "OnePager" that applies to your activities:

  3. Close the User Defined Fields window, and then right-click in your Activities layout, and choose Columns...

  4. Expand the User Defined group of columns, select the custom OnePager field that you just created, and add it to the Selected Options before clicking OK.

  5. Now, place a "Yes" or a "Y" next to the P6 activities that you would like to include in your OnePager chart:

    You can leave the field blank for any activities that you wish to exclude from your OnePager chart.

  6. Applying the Filter in Primavera P6 (Optional)

  7. If your P6 schedule is large, you may want to have Primavera filter it before you export it for use with OnePager. To do this, go to View > Filter By > New to create a new filter in P6:

  8. Create a filter called "OnePager Filter". Ensure that the filter looks at the "OnePager" field and finds activities where the value is set to "Yes":

  9. Exporting from Primavera P6 to Excel

  10. To export your Primavera P6 schedule to Excel, go to File > Export and choose Spreadsheet - (XLSX) as your export format and click Next:

  11. Check the Activities box and click Next again:

  12. Choose the project(s) that you want to export and click Next again:

  13. Choose an Excel export template. Here, we have one called "OnePager", but you can create your own. This template will (1) define which fields from P6 will be exported to Excel and (2) will apply a filter to your P6 data before exporting, if desired.

  14. On the Columns tab of the selected filter, you can see which fields will be exported from P6 to Excel:

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the "OnePager" field is included in the columns that will be exported. You may need it later.

  15. On the Filter tab of the selected filter, you can see whether P6 will be exporting all activities, or just the ones that meet your filter conditions. Here, we've checked the box for the "OnePager Filter" which will ensure that only tasks with a "Yes" in the "OnePager" field will be exported to Excel:

  16. Click Next two final times and then Finish to complete your filtered export to Excel:

  17. Importing into OnePager

  18. Ensure that the "OnePager" field is included in your Excel export. You may need to delete the first row of duplicate field names, as the second row of field names is usually more user-friendly:

    If you pre-filtered your P6 schedule before exporting, you should only see selected activities in Excel. If not, you will see a larger task list with a "Yes" next to selected tasks, and blanks next to unselected tasks, as shown above.

  19. Now, launch OnePager Express. If you pre-filtered your schedule back in Primavera P6, you can select all tasks from Excel, since the only tasks in Excel are the ones you've selected. If you did a full export from Primavera, then you will want to tell OnePager to filter based on the "OnePager" field from P6, which will ensure that only "Yes" activities will be included:

Last Updated: September 24, 2020