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Changing Font Styles and Colors

OnePager allows you to change the font style for any text in the chart. This article in particular will show you how to adjust font styles for:

  • Task and Milestone Labels
  • Start and Finish Date Labels
  • Percent Complete Labels

When changing font styles, OnePager gives you the option to either change the default style, which will change all related text at once, or change fonts for individual pieces of text. Generally, we recommend changing your defaults first and then fine-tuning any individual pieces of text after that to reduce the amount of manual work.

Changing Default Font Styles

When you change your default font styles for a particular type of text (e.g. task labels) all task labels that haven't been already formatted manually will automatically adjust to your new settings. Here's how:

  1. Go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars, or Milestones if you are adjusting fonts for milestones instead of tasks.

  2. To adjust the font that displays your task names, click on Task Bar Label Properties:

    Settings for other types of text are here as well. You could also click on Percent Complete Properties or Date Label Properties.

  3. Click on the font control and adjust the color, size, and other treatments as needed:

  4. After clicking OK notice that all task labels have automatically changed to your new default font style:

Manually Adjusting Individual Font Styles

To change the font style for individual pieces of text, you can left-click on the text that you want to change and then use the font controls on the Home tab to make your adjustments. If you want to change a few pieces of text at once, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting text to grab multiple objects at once:

Last Updated: August 11, 2020