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Changing the Resolution of Exported Images

When you export your OnePager chart to an image file, there are two factors that define the overall size of that image in pixels:

  1. The resolution (DPI) of the image
  2. The physical size of your OnePager document, in inches or centimeters

In the example outlined below, our chart is 14" x 8.6", and our resolution is 96 DPI. The resulting image file will be 1344 x 826 pixels.

Changing Resolution

To change the resolution of your OnePager images, go to Home > Chart Properties > Advanced and change the Image File DPI setting:

DPI stands for "Dots per Inch", so higher-DPI images will have more resolution, and will appear larger, even though the overall OnePager document size is the same.

Changing Document Size

The size of your OnePager document is defined under Home > Chart Properties > Page Layout. In the Document Setup section at the top, you will see a Document Width, which is a fixed number, and a Document Height which can either be a fixed number, or can be based on a default row height:

In this example, the width of the document is 14". The height of the document is based on the default row height (0.375") multiplied by the number of rows in the chart, plus any headers or footers, which in this case results in a total document height of 8.6".

We generally recommend adjusting your default row height as opposed to your overall document height if you find that your chart is too tall or too short, but being able to see what the document height is as you're changing that row height is useful, and also gives you a sense for how big your image file will be once it has been exported.

Exporting to an Image

Once you are happy with your resolution and document size, go to File > Export. Make sure that your Page Range is set to Entire Document, which ensures that your entire OnePager chart ends up in one image file, without any margins or extra padding. Then, click the button to Send to Image File. We recommend PNG files, as they are higher quality, but still relatively small file sizes.

Setting a Standard Image Size

While there is not a way to explicitly define a standard image export size in OnePager, you can still accomplish this by standardizing (1) your DPI and (2) your document width. It is not normally reasonable to try to standardize a document height, since simpler projects will have fewer rows and more complex projects will have more rows, and therefore the resulting images will probably need to be taller or shorter based on the type of project.

However, if you standardize your DPI and document widths, you can ensure that all of your image exports will be the same number of pixels wide, which will make it easier to embed your OnePager charts into SharePoint or other websites without needing to resize each one.

Last Updated: July 31, 2020