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Project 2010, 2013 shutting down

If you use Project 2010 or 2013 and are experiencing a symptom where Project shuts down after launching OnePager Pro as an add-in, you may be experiencing a known compatibility issue between older versions of Microsoft Project and newer versions of Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft 365/Office 365.


There are several solutions to this issue.

Upgrade to a Newer Version of OnePager

Newer versions of OnePager have the ability to work around the compatibility issues between Project 2010/2013 and Microsoft 365/Office 365 by using non-Microsoft drivers which are more stable. Specifically, any version of OnePager Pro 7.0.14 or later will have these non-Microsoft drivers built in.

If your maintenance subscription is current, you can upgrade OnePager, installing any newer version of the application 7.0.14 or later. For the many users, simply upgrading to a newer version of OnePager will immediately resolve Microsoft's issue between Project and Office.

If you have already upgraded OnePager and are still experiencing the same symptom, you will need to configure OnePager to use the non-Microsoft driver by default. To do this:

  1. Open your registry editor by pressing Windows + R, entering RegEdit into the box, and clicking OK:

  2. From the registry editor, navigate to:

    Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Chronicle Graphics\OnePager\UserSettings

  3. Locate the DatabasePolicy setting, double-click it, and change its value to 2.

  4. If you don't have a UserSettings folder in your registry, then your installation of OnePager may not have finished successfully. We have a registry script that you can use to make the necessary registry change manually if needed. To use it, right-click on the script that pertains to your edition of OnePager, save the file to your desktop, and then double-click it to run. Please note that running registry scripts may require administrative permissions, so please check with your helpdesk before proceeding.

    OnePager Pro Driver Script
    OnePager Bundle Driver Script
    OnePager Express Driver Script

  5. Once you have changed your registry, restart your computer. The next time you launch OnePager, it will automatically start using the non-Microsoft driver and your older version of Project should become less susceptible to crashing.

Use OnePager Standalone

If you can't upgrade OnePager, or are waiting on your helpdesk to do it for you, the easiest temporary solution is to launch OnePager from outside Microsoft Project using either the desktop shortcut, or your Windows Start menu. When OnePager Pro runs outside of Microsoft Project, it does not rely on Microsoft Project to load any system resources, which works around Microsoft's issue. To do this:

  1. Close Microsoft Project, if it is still running.
  2. Click on the OnePager Pro icon on your desktop, or by going to Windows Start > OnePager > OnePager Pro
  3. Once OnePager launches, you can still launch Microsoft Project if you would like to have it running at the same time.

Upgrade Microsoft Project

If the options above don't resolve the issue, you can also upgrade your installation of Microsoft Project. For example, Project 2016, Project 2019, Project 2021, and Project Pro for O365 are less susceptible to compatibility issues than older versions. Consult with your helpdesk about obtaining a more modern version of Microsoft Project. If you do install an upgrade to Microsoft Project, please make sure to remove your older version of Microsoft Project first. It is generally not a good idea to have multiple versions of Microsoft Project installed in parallel.

Verifying the Issue

If you would like to confirm that you are experiencing the old Project/new Office compatibility issue before implementing any of the solutions above, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Windows Event Viewer, by typing "Event Viewer" into the Windows search box:

    Windows Event Viewer

  2. In the Event Viewer, click on Windows Logs > Application and then sort the events so that the most recent dates appear at the top. Look for any errors with a red circle, click on that error, and then click on the General tab. Here is an example of the error from Microsoft Project 2013:

    Log of Microsoft Project (WINPROJ) crashing with error 0xe0434352 due to a .NET Framework incompatibility.

    If your version of Microsoft Project is experiencing this issue, you will see an error code of 0xe0434352 with a faulting application of WINPROJ.EXE.

Last Updated: March 7, 2022