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Changing/Deleting Project Server and Project Online Connections

Each OnePager chart that was created using a Project Server or Project Online connection will remember the server connection that was originally used. If you ever migrate servers or add a new saved server connection, you may need to reassociate your chart with the new server or new credentials. We also recommend deleting credentials for server connections that are no longer in use.

Changing the Server Connection for an Existing Chart

The following instructions illustrate how to change the server connection that an existing chart uses to pull data from Project Server or Project Online:

  1. Launch Microsoft Project and log into your new Project Online or Project Server account.

  2. On the Add-Ins tab, click the OnePager Pro button.

  3. On the OnePager start screen, click the Open button, and then browse to the chart that you would like to open. If prompted to log into your old Project Online/Server account, cancel the prompt and let OnePager temporarily open the chart without connecting to the server.

  4. Go to Data > Selected Files

  5. Select the projects that are associated with the old server connection and click the Remove button to disassociate them from your OnePager chart. You will reassociate your chart to the same projects on the new server connection in the next few steps.

  6. Now, click on Add > Browse Project Online/Server

  7. Click the Change button at the top of the screen to change your server connection.

  8. Select your new account from the dropdown, and click Connect. You should get a green light and the word connected if the login is successful.

  9. Select your Project Online/Project Server documents from the new server connection, and click OK.

  10. Refresh your chart by clicking on Data > Replace Snapshot, then save it.

Deleting Unused Server Connections

If you have multiple saved connections to the same Project Server/Project Online account, or if you have saved old connections to accounts that no longer exist, it is a good idea to clean them up, especially of the connections have generic names like "MyAccount" and "MyAccount_1". To do this:

  1. Launch Microsoft Project and log into your new Project Online or Project Server account.

  2. On the Add-Ins tab, click the Templates button, which is next to the OnePager Pro button.

  3. At the very bottom of the template editor, click on Change.

  4. On the server connection screen, select your old server connection from the dropdown, and then click Delete:

  5. The next time you launch OnePager, the old server connections will be removed, and only the active credentials for Project Server/Project Online will remain.

Last Updated: August 19, 2021