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Installing OnePager on a per-user or per-machine basis

In certain situations, it may be necessary to specify whether OnePager is installed on a per-user or a per-machine basis.

Installation Overview

To install OnePager, extract the contents of the zip file, and run the .exe file inside. This will install the OnePager application, its data files, and the registry keys that are required for it to function. The User Guide and other documents are also installed and are always available under the OnePager Help menu.

Per-User Installation

OnePager is installed by default on a per-user basis. If installed in this way, it should be installed in the account of the individual end-user who intends to use OnePager, not into an admin account that only privileged users can access. In a per-user installation, we follow Microsoft security guidelines by writing files only to the user profile and by writing registry keys only to the current-user registry hive (HKCU).

Per-Machine Installation (Physical)

OnePager can also be installed on a per-machine basis by setting ALLUSERS=1 on the Windows Installer command line or in a Windows Installer transform. Per-machine installation is recommended for "no touch" deployments that are pushed out from a central location to the end-users' computers. To install per-machine, extract the MSI file from the zip file. (If your zip file does not include an MSI file, please e-mail [email protected] and let us know your Microsoft Office bitness and Windows .NET version; we will send you the right file.) Then execute the following command line on each target computer (assume that you rename the package to opPkg.msi for the example given below):

msiexec /i opPkg.msi /qb+ ALLUSERS=1

Note that "qb+" is one of several msiexec optional settings that suppress the appearance of dialog boxes during installation. In a per-machine installation, OnePager puts data files in locations such as C:\Program Files and C:\ProgramData and puts registry keys in the local-machine registry hive (HKLM). During installation, writing to these file and registry locations generally requires elevated privileges. Once the installation is complete, the end user of OnePager needs only read/execute access to these locations.

Per-Machine Installation (Virtual)

Installing OnePager in a virtual environment, whether for application virtualization or a virtual desktop, also requires a per-machine installation. The instructions for virtualization are largely the same as the physical per-machine installation noted above, but in many cases, additional command-line parameters are required:

  • CGKEY: Enables the push of a single license key to activate all users in the virtual environment. Please contact your sales representative for more information about obtaining a VDI key.

  • ALLOWSECONDOPSALAUNCH: When set to 1, this enables OnePager to launch multiple times on the same device across different user accounts. Available in versions 7.1.7 and later.

Here is an example of a command line installation for a virtual environment that incorporates both of these parameters:

msiexec /i opPkg.msi /qb+ ALLUSERS=1 CGKEY=togjdkeoshd4523ng== ALLOWSECONDOPSALAUNCH=1

Last Updated: August 19, 2022