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Importing Primavera P6 XML or XER data into OnePager

This article pertains to OnePager Bundle 7.1, which supports import of native XML and XER files from Primavera P6. If you are using an older version of OnePager Express, please read our instructions for importing P6 data through Excel.

Importing data from Primavera P6 into OnePager Express through Excel is a two-step process:

1. Exporting from Primavera P6 to XML or XER
2. Importing the Primavera P6 file into OnePager

Exporting from Primavera P6 to XML or XER

Before launching OnePager, you will want to export your Primavera P6 schedule. OnePager supports both the XML and XER formats, though you may have preference for one or the other based on your own organization's requirements.

  1. If you want to have OnePager filter your schedule so that only specific activities appear in your chart, we recommend creating a user-defined field, and placing a "Yes" or a "Y" next to any activities that you wish to include in your chart. If you haven't set up a user-defined field to filter your activities, you can read these instructions first.

  2. Once you have selected the activities that you want to display in OnePager, you can run the export from Primavera P6. To do this, go to File > Export. On the Export screen, choose Primavera P6 - (XML) or Primavera PM - (XER):

  3. Click Next, and then choose the one or more projects to export. If you plan to create a multi-project chart in OnePager, this is where you can select multiple projects at once and combine them into a single XML or XER file:

  4. Click Next again, and remember where Primavera P6 is going to export your project(s). If you are exporting an XML file, we recommend unchecking the Export all project level layouts box, as this will create an XML file directly. If leave this box checked, P6 will create a ZIP file with an XML file inside it, though OnePager has the ability to unzip this file for you automatically when it is imported.

  5. Click Finish and wait for Primavera P6 to confirm that your project has been exported successfully.

Importing the Primavera P6 file into OnePager

Once your Primavera P6 project has been exported to either XML or XER format, it's ready to be imported into OnePager.

  1. Launch OnePager Bundle from your desktop.

  2. On the start screen, click New to start building a new chart.

  3. On the next screen, go to Select > BROWSE Primavera P6 Files...

  4. Browse to the location where you saved your Primavera P6 file, and select it for import. By default, OnePager imports Primavera P6 projects in the XML format, so if your project is in XER format or ZIP format, you need to change the filter to find your file:

  5. With the Primavera P6 project ready for import, we just need to decide how to tell OnePager to filter which activities should appear in the chart:

    If you created a OnePager user defined field back in Primavera P6, that makes for a great filtering option. If not, here are some other options for filtering your P6 data:

    • Activities (Non-Summary): This will import all activities from your P6 plan. If you have a lot of activities in P6, this is not recommended, but if your P6 schedule is smaller (< 250 activities), then you could choose this option to see all activities)
    • WBS Items (Summary): This will import all WBS Objects from your P6 plan and treat them as summary tasks. Traditionally, WBS Objects in P6 are not considered activities, but OnePager supports the ability to create summary tasks based on WBS objects. This is a useful way to quickly create a summary of your P6 project without having to import a bunch of individual activities.
  6. Once you have selected a filter for your P6 activities, hit the Create New Chart button, and OnePager will finish the import, creating a Gantt chart or timeline from your Primavera P6 project(s):

    In this example, notice that OnePager has grouped activities into swimlanes based on their location in the Primavera P6 WBS. This takes place automatically, because for each activity that OnePager imports, it also imports the full WBS hierarchy. Swimlanes based on WBS levels work in OnePager without the need to explicitly import summary tasks themselves.

    The example chart has also color-coded each activity based on the resource assignments in Primavera P6. Color assignments are configurable in OnePager using conditional formatting, with almost every Primavera P6 field, including user-defined fields.

Last Updated: March 18, 2022