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Installing OnePager in a secure or classified environment (SCIF)

OnePager may be installed and operated in a secured environment (SCIF), as is often required for highly-sensitive project and program planning.


OnePager does not require network connectivity to complete the installation process. OnePager installation files may be obtained from our secure download site outside the secured area, and then burned to read-only CD or DVD media, which can then be used to install in the offline environment. Alternatively, installation discs may be purchased for a nominal fee.


Because secured environments do not have network connectivity, server-activated enterprise license keys are not able to activated offline. Instead, OnePager may be activated using a machine-specific license key. Each installation of OnePager generates a unique installation code, which is sent to us for conversion into a permanent license key. In some cases, the installation code and license key will be hand-transcribed, if they cannot be electronically transferred in and out of the secure environment. Our support team is happy to assist with this secure activation process.


OnePager does not require network connectivity to operate. All functions of the application, with the exception of those specifically pertaining to cloud-based PPM or CWM platforms like Microsoft Project Server/Project Online, Smartsheet, etc. are fully available in an offline setting. As long as project schedule data is available offline, OnePager will be able to generate reports and timelines in the same way that it does in a non-secured environment.

Last Updated: July 13, 2023