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Importing Smartsheet data into OnePager through Excel

This article pertains to OnePager Express 7.0 and earlier, which supports import of Smartsheet data through Excel.

If you are using an newer version of OnePager Bundle 7.1 or later, please read our instructions for importing Smartsheet data directly instead of going through Excel.

  1. Start with your project plan in Smartsheet. We strongly recommend adding Smartsheet's Row ID column to your project. To do this, right-click on any existing Smartsheet column, and choose Insert Column Right:

    Insert a new column into Smartsheet

  2. On the Insert Column screen, choose Auto-Number/System on the left and Auto-Number on the right. Smartsheet will call your new column Row ID:

    Insert the Row ID column as an Auto-Number in Smartsheet.

  3. Click OK, and you will see Row ID in Smartsheet:

    Smartsheet Row ID.

    Important: The Smartsheet Row ID is not the same as the Smartsheet row number. In this example, row #5 is actually row ID #9. This is because Smartsheet keeps your Row IDs the same throughout the life of your project, so when you insert a new row in the middle of your project plan, the Row IDs aren't renumbered. Don't worry if your Row IDs are out of order; this is completely normal.

  4. You may also want to add a checkbox column in Smartsheet to indicate which tasks should be included in your OnePager chart, and which should not. Follow the same steps to add another new column, but this time, we'll insert a Checkbox column called Add to OnePager:

    Insert a checkbox column into Smartsheet.

  5. Once the Add to OnePager column has been added to Smartsheet, check the box for any tasks that you want to bring into OnePager:

    Select the Smartsheet rows to include in your Gantt chart.

  6. Now, the Smartsheet project is ready to be exported to Excel. Go to File > Export > Export to Microsoft Excel:
    Export Smartsheet to Microsoft Excel.
  7. Open the Excel file that Smartsheet just created, and go to Excel's Add-Ins tab. Click the OnePager Express button:

    Smartsheet Export in Excel.

  8. When OnePager's start screen pops up, click NEW.

  9. On the next screen, give your timeline a name, filter your tasks based on the Add to OnePager checkbox field, and then click Next:

    Configure Smartsheet Gantt Chart in OnePager Express.

  10. Double-check which columns from Smartsheet you want to use in your OnePager chart. Most of the time, OnePager will figure this out for you, but it's important to make sure that OnePager's Unique ID is mapped to Smartsheet's "Row ID". Once things look good, click Create New Chart to build your timeline or Gantt chart:

    Map Smartsheet columns into your OnePager Gantt chart.

  11. OnePager will import your Smartsheet data through Excel and give you a Gantt chart that looks like this:

    Smartsheet Gantt Chart created in OnePager Express.

Last Updated: March 18, 2022