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Customizing the Time Cursor

The time cursor is a vertical line that appears in your chart to show the current status date, also known as the snapshot date, of your project:

Time cursor shows how much time has elapsed in the execution of a project. Some people refer to it as a time now line, a progress line, or a status line.

Turning the Time Cursor On or Off

To enable or disable the time cursor, go to the View tab and toggle the Time Cursor checkbox.

Enable or disable the time cursor

Formatting the Time Cursor

To change the color, thickness, or line style of the time cursor, go to Home > Chart Properties > Main and click on the Borders, frames, and time-cursor properties button. When the sub-form appears, make sure that you are on the Time cursor tab.

Change the line color, line width, or dash type of the time cursor.

Last Updated: May 12, 2022