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Restoring Default Templates

To refresh your OnePager templates to the standard ones that come with a new license, you or your helpdesk can follow these instructions:

  1. Uninstall the version of OnePager that needs the new templates (Pro, Express, or Bundle)

  2. Open your File Explorer and navigate to the Templates folder via the path below. Once there, rename “Templates” to “Templates old.”

    \Documents\OnePager (Pro, Express, or Bundle)

    Factory templates in OnePager

  3. Download one of the registry scripts below, depending on your edition of OnePager:

    - OnePager Pro Template Reset Registry Script
    - OnePager Bundle Template Reset Registry Script
    - OnePager Express Template Reset Registry Script

  4. After downloading the correct registry script, double-click it, and allow it to change template-related settings in your registry:

    Note: Registry changes can be destabilizing and often require administrative rights. If you are uncomfortable making changes to your registry, please contact your helpdesk for assistance.

  5. Reinstall OnePager (Pro, Express, or Bundle)

  6. Launch OnePager via the desktop icon to finish the installation. OnePager will create a new Templates folder containing updated templates.

  7. Copy any custom templates that are in the Templates.old folder into the new Templates folder, being careful not to wipe out the newly installed templates that you wish to keep.

Last Updated: January 25, 2023