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Planisware Dates out of Sync with OnePager

In certain circumstances, you may see that the dates in your OnePager chart do not match the dates in Planisware Enterprise. Examples include:

  1. Dates set to 1970 or a far-off future date like 2399 or 2999 for newly-added tasks.
  2. Recently-changed Planisware dates are not updating in OnePager. For example, a task in Planisware might have originally been scheduled in February, and has recently been updated to March, but still shows the old February date in OnePager.

This issue is caused by a slight lag between when data is updated in Planisware Enterprise and when it is available for reporting in OnePager. To enable a real-time sync of dates between Planisware and OnePager, have your Planisware administrator locate the *ODATA-RECOMPUTE-COST-AND-DATE* and set it to TRUE. Once enabled, any changes that you make in Planisware should be available to OnePager within a matter of seconds.

Last Updated: November 20, 2023