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Logging into Planisware Enterprise from OnePager

In order to import data from Planisware Enterprise, OnePager needs to establish a secure connection to your account.

Username and Password Authentication

The first time you connect OnePager to Planisware, a window will pop up, prompting you to sign into your Planisware Enterprise account:

Your Planisware URL is similar, but not identical to the URL that you use to use Planisware Enterprise in a web browser. You should remove the app/plw/ (and anything after it) from your normal URL for use with OnePager. For example:

If your normal Planisware URL is https://mycompany.planisware.com/app/plw/

Then OnePager should connect to https://mycompany.planisware.com/

Your username and password for should be the same as the ones that you use to sign into Planisware Enterprise from your web browser.

Last Updated: November 20, 2023