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Displaying Symbols in Columns

While OnePager's text columns usually display text, they can also be used to display symbols assigned through conditional formatting.

In this example, we have a basic project with three phases and four tasks per phase. Each phase is represented in a timeline layout where all of the tasks in each phase are lined up sequentially in a single row. Each task also has a status: some tasks are complete, while others are late, on schedule, or not started:

Timeline with tasks color-coded by phase

To summarize all of the tasks for each phase, OnePager can re-purpose a text column with a data-driven symbol. For example, we might want to apply the following rules:

  • If all tasks are complete, mark the phase with a green checkmark.
  • If any task is late, mark the phase with a red X.
  • If any tasks are in progress or in the future, mark the phase with a yellow warning symbol.

To establish the rules to assign these symbols, go to Home > Chart Properties > Rows/Swimlanes. Turn on the first text column, and map it to the Status field. Instead of simply displaying the status as text, click on the Manage Rules button for the text column instead:

Turn on a column to display the status field

In the conditional formatting rules manager for columns, we can add rule that test for the above conditions and assigns a symbol when those conditions are met:

Conditionally assign milestones to a timeline based on the status of all tasks in a phase.

After applying these rules, OnePager will place a symbol into each column that summarizes the overall status of each phase of the project:

Timeline with symbols assigned based on status to create a stoplight chart

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Last Updated: November 20, 2023