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Re-enabling OnePager Express Add-In in Microsoft Excel 2007

The following instructions walk you through how to make sure that OnePager Express is enabled in Microsoft Excel 2007. If you are using a different version of Microsoft Excel, please read the version of this article that covers Excel 2003 or Excel 2010-2016 instead.

  1. In Microsoft Excel 2007, click the Microsoft Office button, and go to Excel Options. Then, click on the Add-ins menu.
    Excel Options
  2. Select "Disabled Items" from the Manage dropdown at the bottom of the page and click Go:
    Excel Options
  3. Make sure that OnePager Express hasn't been disabled. The list of disabled items should be blank, as shown below:
    Manage Disabled Items
  4. If OnePager Express has been disabled, select it, click Enable, and re-start Microsoft Excel.
  5. If OnePager Express still does not appear, click the Microsoft Office button again, and go back to Excel Options->Add-ins.
  6. On the Manage dropdown at the bottom of the page, ensure that "COM Add-ins" is selected and click Go.
  7. OnePager Express should be listed as a COM add-in, and the box next to it should be checked, as shown below:
    Manage COM Add-Ins.
    IMPORTANT: In rare cases, the "Location" in the screenshot above will be blank. This is an indication that OnePager Express is partially installed, but that you do not have the correct Windows user permissions to finish the installation in Microsoft Excel. To remedy this, uninstall OnePager and ask someone with installation permission to install it in your account. Or do a per-machine installation by installing from a batch file in which you set ALLUSERS=1 as described in the Readme file, or in these advanced installation instructions. Again, this step is only required if you see a blank "Location" in the form shown above.
  8. If the box is not checked, check it, and click OK.

Last Updated: December 27, 2019