Sharing OnePager project views in PowerPoint or other formats

Copy and Paste

The simplest way to export your project view to your presentation is to go to the Home tab and  select Copy. Your OnePager chart can now be pasted as clipart into PowerPoint, Outlook, or a number of other supported applications.


Export to PowerPoint, PDF, and Other Formats

If you have a multi-page project view, you can export the view to PowerPoint, with one page per slide. To do this, go to File > Export. Under Page Range, select All Pages. Then, select Send to PowerPoint.


The Export tab also gives you the ability to export your project view directly to a PDF, Outlook e-mail, or image (PNG, JPG, or BMP format).

The PowerPoint and PDF direct export options are only available in versions 5.3 and above. If you don't have version 5.3 and would like an upgrade, e-mail and we'll check your eligibility.