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Downgrading to an earlier version of OnePager

We regularly release upgrades to our OnePager products. Licensed users are entitled to these upgrades when:

  • A maintenance and support subscription is active; OR
  • An upgrade license has been purchased

If you've installed an upgrade and you're not sure if you are eligible for it, please request upgrade assistance prior to downgrading to an earlier version.

If you are not not eligible for an upgrade, and do not wish to purchase one, you must downgrade to your previously-licensed version using the instructions below.

Downgrade Compatibility

All newer versions of OnePager can import charts and templates created in older versions. However, charts and templates created in the latest version of OnePager may not be compatible in earlier versions, should you decide to downgrade.

IMPORTANT: If you have been running a trial upgrade license and decide to downgrade, you will still have access to any charts created prior to the upgrade, but will no longer have access to charts created in the upgraded version.

Last Updated: December 22, 2022