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Label tasks based on multiple Microsoft Project fields

By default, OnePager Pro labels tasks and milestones based on the "Name" field in Microsoft Project. However, this can be customized so that labels pull in data from multiple Microsoft Project fields:

  1. In Microsoft Project, insert a custom text field such as "Text 30." This field will eventually concatenate to contain a combination of all of the custom data that we want to import.
  2. Once the field has been inserted, right-click on it and go to Custom Fields->Formula.
  3. When the formula editor appears, we will write a formula to combine the values of the two fields we want to import. In this case, our formula combines the "Name" and the "Resource Names" fields:[Name] & " / " & [Resource Names]
  4. This formula will combine the "Name" and "Resource Names" field into a single text field that OnePager Pro can use. When finished, click the OK button:

    The newly-inserted "Text 30" field will now show a combination of the "Name" and "Resource Names" fields:

  5. Now, we will import the combined text field into OnePager Pro so that we can use it as a label. Begin by launching OnePager Pro.
  6. From the Start screen that appears, choose to create a NEW Chart and ensure that the Show Field Mappings box at the bottom of the import wizard is checked:
  7. Click Next > to define custom field mappings. When the field mapping wizard appears, select "Text 30" as your Task Name instead of the default "Name" field:
  8. Finally, click Create New Chart.. OnePager Pro will import your custom field from Microsoft Project and use it to label your tasks like this:

Changing Labels in an Existing Report

The instructions above work well if you are creating a brand-new report. If you have an existing report and need to switch the field for your labels, follow these steps after creating the custom "Text30" field in Microsoft Project:

  1. Go to Data > Replace Snapshot. This will ensure that your newly-entered data from "Text30" is available.
  2. Go to Home > Chart Properties > Field Mappings and change your Task Label field to "Text30":
    Map your task labels to a concatenated field from Microsoft Project

Last Updated: August 11, 2020