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Installing an Upgraded Version of OnePager (Advanced IT Instructions)

These advanced instructions are intended for helpdesk and IT personnel. If you are an end user, please reference our basic upgrade instructions instead.

Installing OnePager per-user causes an older per-user version to be to be automatically removed before the new version is installed. Likewise, installing OnePager per-machine causes an older per-machine version to be automatically removed before the new version is installed. Alternatively, you can remove the older version by running the installation file in uninstall mode or by specifying the product code of the older version to be removed. When installing per-machine over an older per-user installation or when installing per-user over an older per-machine installation, it is recommended that the older version be removed manually before installing the newer version.

The user's license key is automatically migrated from old version to new version. If the old and new versions are significantly different, the end user may be prompted to re-key.

There is no support for automatic downgrade from a newer version to an older version, so the newer version will need to be removed manually before installing the older version. In such a downgrade situation, there may be problems automatically preserving the user's project views and other OnePager data, so the user should manually down-save templates (*.tat) and charts (*.tam) to the older target version while the newer version is still installed.

Last Updated: December 22, 2022