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Uninstalling OnePager (Basic Removal)

OnePager can be uninstalled just like any other Windows application.

  • Windows 10 or Windows 11: Go to Settings > System > Apps & Features
  • Windows Vista, 7, or 8: Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • Windows XP: Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

OnePager will be in your installed programs list. Click Uninstall to uninstall.

Command Line or SCCM Silent Removal

If you are removing OnePager from a "no touch" environment, you can execute the following Windows Installer command on each target computer:

Msiexec /x opPkg.msi

Substitute your actual MSI file name for the "opPkg.msi" placeholder in the above code snippet. Your real MSI file will likely follow this format: OnePagerPro(x64_dotnet45)_x_y_z.msi.

Last Updated: January 13, 2023