Using conditional formatting to automatically assign colors and shapes to your timeline

OnePager allows you to automatically change the color, shape, or other formatting of task bars and milestones based on the data in your project plan. For example, you could specify that every task less than 10% complete be colored red. This is called conditional formatting, and basically it works the same way as it does in Microsoft Excel.

To set a conditional formatting rule, go to either the Task Bars or Milestones tab of the Project-View Properties menu. In the Conditional Formatting section at the bottom, click Manage Rules...

Conditional formatting button

From the submenu that pops up, you can add any logical rule you want by clicking on the Add Rule button. In this example, we'll set the rule we suggested above - that every task less than 10% complete be colored red:

Conditional formatting rule

To apply this rule, we need to hit OK twice: once to close the Conditional Formatting Rules menu, and once to close the Project-View Properties menu.

The conditional formatting rule we've set will now be applied to our project view, including for every new snapshot we create. So if a task changes from 5% complete in one snapshot to 15% complete in another snapshot, its color will change in the second snapshot from red to whatever color it would otherwise be assigned.