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Creating and Sharing Templates

If your team finds itself creating charts with the same basic format over and over, you can save time by making a common template. That way, no one has to set up formatting by hand.

Start with any existing chart. Once your chart's formatting is just the way you want it, click the Save As Template button to the right of the Chart Properties button on the Home tab:

Copy to Template button

You will have the option to save your template as a *.tat file for future use. You can save your template into OnePager's default templates folder, or anywhere else on your network.

Now you can (1) customize your template, (2) use your template, or (3) share your template with other OnePager users.

Customize Your Template

The tabs on the template menu - shown below - are almost identical to the tabs in the Chart Properties form inside OnePager. This is because when you hit the Save As Template button earlier, you basically copied the Chart Properties settings from that chart into the menu you see now.

IMPORTANT: When you create a template, you are only copying the settings from Chart Properties. Templates do not contain any actual data from Microsoft Project or Excel. Further, templates do not contain any manual formatting. So, if you have been formatting your chart by hand instead of through Chart Properties, those manual format changes will not be saved to the template. Only the settings that you've defined in Chart Properties will make their way into your template.

Template menu

From this Templates menu, you can change the properties of future charts that you create from this template. For example, if you want tasks to always be sorted into swimlanes by "Resource Names", you can specify that in the Rows/Swimlanes tab, and then click Save and Use at the bottom to save your default settings.

Use Your Template

To use your template, simply click on the OnePager button from your Add-Ins tab and create a new chart. Unless you specify otherwise, OnePager will make this new chart using the template you just saved. That means all the chart properties you saved to your template will be applied to this brand-new chart.

You can change which template new charts are based upon from the Change button shown below. You can also choose from several templates that come pre-loaded with your installation of OnePager.

OnePager Choices Form

Share your template

When you create a template, it is saved as a *.tat file:

OnePager Templates Folder

To share your template with someone else on your team, simply send them the *.tat file. You can choose to e-mail your template, or you can store templates in a shared network folder for easy team access.

Last Updated: August 11, 2020