What to do if your Project View came out too wide, narrow, tall, or short

If your OnePager project view is too wide, narrow, tall, or short when you export or print it, you probably need to change your aspect (width:height) ratio. You can do this in one of two ways:

Change aspect ratio by dragging

First, zoom out so there is blank gray space surrounding your project view. To zoom out, go to the View tab and change the Zoom to setting to a smaller percentage.

Changing the zoom of your project view

Second, drag the edges of your project view up, down, left, right, or diagonally to resize the project view, just like you would a box or image in PowerPoint.

Change aspect ratio in Project-View Properties

First, open Project-View Properties and click on the Page Layout tab.

Second, manually adjust the Document width and Document height settings at the top of the menu. For U.S. customers, these numbers are measured by default in inches. When possible, we recommend your width be approximately 62% larger than your height; read our blog post on why.

Changing the dimensions of your project view

Third, hit OK or Apply to save the new dimension settings.