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Fitting your chart to a Single Page

By default, OnePager will automatically insert page breaks when your chart becomes too tall or too wide to comfortably fit on a single page. However, you can remove these page breaks and scale your chart down to a single page if desired.

To do this, go to Home > Chart Properties > Page Layout:

Changing page layout settings for one-page Charts

There are three main sections that control how your chart is going to be sized and exported:

  • Page Setup: At the bottom of the form, you can define your physical page size. You can pick a standard page size like letter, legal, A3, or A4, or you can define your own custom size. The page size that you select should match your printer, or should match the standard page size for PDFs or PowerPoint presentations that you are creating.
  • Document Setup: At the top of the form, you define the size of your overall OnePager document, no matter how many pages it ultimately becomes. For example, if your OnePager chart consists of three letter-sized pages in portrait orientation, the document height should be 33 inches (11" x 3), and your document width should be 8.5".

    For things to fit nicely on a single page, it's good for your document size to be similar to your page size. They don't have to be identical, but they should be close.

    If you want everything to fit to a single page, we recommend setting your document to a fixed height instead of relying on the row height to determine how tall the document will be.

  • Document Fitting: Finally, set your document so that it is fit to one page wide by one page tall. This will scale everything down to fit on a single page.

Last Updated: August 11, 2020