Creating a new OnePager Pro project view from Project Server

OnePager enables you to create a new project view from one or more Microsoft Project Server plans without having to open them first in Microsoft Project. Here's how:

  1. Launch OnePager Pro and click the NEW button:
  2. Click Select and then BROWSE Project Server:
  3. Using the Select Account dropdown, choose your Project Server account, or click Add to create a new connection to Project Server.
  4. Click Connect to log into Project Server. Once the green "Connected" light appears, OnePager will return a list of all project plans in your Project Server environment:
  5. Click on one of more Project Server plans--hold down Ctrl to select more than one. Once you have selected all of the required plans, click OK to add them to OnePager.
  6. You'll be taken back to OnePager's import wizard, with a listing of the Project Server plans you're about to import. Click Create new Project View to generate your report.
  7. Once your project plan has loaded, OnePager Pro can work with it just like any traditional *.mpp file.

Continue reading to see how to build your OnePager Pro project view now that your project plan is open.

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