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How do I locate/backup my OnePager Data (v5.2 or later)?

These instructions are intended for users of OnePager 5.2 or later. We have separate instructions for OnePager 5.1 or earlier.

Beginning in OnePager v5.2, your data will be stored by default in your standard Documents folder under a subfolder for OnePager, unless your IT department has specified otherwise:

Within the OnePager folder, you will have four subfolders:

  • Color Palettes (*.tap)
  • Milestones (*.tas)
  • ProjectViews (*.tam)
  • Templates (*.tat)

Charts (in the ProjectViews folder) and Templates are the most important, because they contain your actual OnePager reports and settings, respectively. We strongly recommend copying this entire folder structure and all of the files contained within it as-is to your new computer.

If you don't see a OnePager folder in your Documents folder, please search your hard drive for *.tam and *.tat files, as this will help you locate your project views and templates if they were stored in a non-standard location.

Last Updated: December 30, 2022