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How do I restore my OnePager Data? (v5.2 or later)

These instructions apply to OnePager v5.2 or later. We have alternate instructions for OnePager v5.1 or earlier.

Once you have located your OnePager data, it's easy to restore it to your new computer. Please follow one set of instructions based on the type of file(s) you are moving:

Indvidual *.tam and *.tat Files

Most users move their OnePager charts (*.tam), templates (*.tat), and other associated documents as individual files, just like moving individual Word or Excel files. If you have individual files, you should copy them to the OnePager subfolder in your standard Documents folder on your hard drive:

Once you copy files to this (or any other) folder, you can use OnePager's BROWSE option to locate them as you always have.

Single Archive (*.tad) File

A *.tad file is an archive of all of your project views, templates, and other associated OnePager files, all zipped up into a single package. To unzip a *.tad archive:

  1. Launch OnePager
  2. From the Start screen, click on OPEN, then BROWSE
  3. When the Open form appears, change the file type to "Archives":
  4. Locate your *.tad archive and follow the prompts to finish restoring your data.

Last Updated: December 30, 2022