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Updating OnePager with a SharePoint-based Microsoft Project or Excel plan

Many users host their Microsoft Project and Excel plans on SharePoint. OnePager is able to access these SharePoint-hosted Microsoft Project (*.mpp) and Excel (*.xlsx, *.xls) files to create new charts and to update existing chart with new information.

To update an existing OnePager report using data that resides on SharePoint, you will want to make sure that you are using OnePager as an add-in to either Microsoft Project or Excel, and are not running it as a standalone desktop application. Further, you need to ensure that you are doing a "push update" as opposed to a "pull update". The differences between these two types of updates are outlined below.

To do this:

  1. Close any instances of OnePager that are running outside of Microsoft Project or Excel.

  2. If Project or Excel are running, close and reopen it so that OnePager can appear as an add-in.

  3. Open your project plan in Project or Excel directly from SharePoint.

  4. Once your project plan loads from SharePoint, go to Add-ins and click the OnePager button.

  5. When the OnePager start screen appears, click the Update button and continue updating your chart as you normally would.

    Push update

This process of opening the file from SharePoint first and then updating your OnePager chart is called a "push update" because you are pushing your data from Project or Excel into your OnePager chart.

Disabled Update Buttons on Data Tab

If you have created a OnePager chart from a SharePoint-resident file, you will find that the update buttons on the Data tab are disabled, regardless of whether OnePager is running as an add-in, or as a standalone application:

Update buttons disabled. User cannot update from inside OnePager.

These buttons on the Data tab are used to perform a "pull update", where OnePager retrieves the file on its own and pulls the the data from the source, instead of having the data pushed from Project or Excel.

Pull updates can be used with SharePoint, but only if OnePager has been provided with the full SharePoint file path. In many cases, when OnePager has been handed SharePoint files second-hand through Project or Excel, we don't receive the full SharePoint path, which can cause these update buttons to become disabled.

In this case, the simplest option is to use the instructions are the top of this article to perform a "push update". However, if you prefer, you can also re-enable pull updates for SharePoint in some cases.

Last Updated: December 30, 2022