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Collapsing Multiple Tasks into a Virtual Summary Task

A virtual summary task, sometimes known as a hammock task, is a way to combine and consolidate several tasks or milestones into a single bar, even if they are not summarized in your schedule. Here is how to create one:

  1. Ctrl + Left click on two or more tasks or milestones in your project plan. This will select multiple items at once, and you should see handlebars appear for all of the tasks you've selected:

    Virtual Summary Task
  2. Right-click on any of the selected tasks/milestones in the group and choose the Make into Virtual Summary Task option:

    Combine two tasks into a combined summary task
  3. OnePager will collapse all of the selected items into a single bar, which looks at the earliest start date and latest finish date:

    Hammock Task

Last Updated: December 27, 2019