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Selecting a Custom Unique ID

OnePager needs a unique identifier for each task and milestone in your report in order to make updates accurately and efficiently.

While is possible to select an alternate unique identifier other than the one pre-selected by OnePager, we do not recommend doing so unless you are an advanced user, since selecting an alternate unique identifier can make it more difficult to update your OnePager report.

If you decide that you require a custom unique identifier, please keep the following in mind:

  • The values in the ID field must be completely unique across your entire project plan. You may not have the same ID value in the same project plan more than once. If you plan to import multiple projects into the same OnePager chart, your ID needs to be unique across all projects, not just within one project.
  • Each ID must be mapped consistently to the same task. For example, if your "Kickoff" task is ID #3, it needs to remain ID #3. If the ID for "Kickoff" changes from #3 to #21, you will have issues updating the "Kickoff" task in the future.
  • While you may choose any text field as your alternate ID field initially, you may not change the ID to a different field later on. So, if you decide to use "WBS" as your ID field when you first create your report, you cannot switch that report's ID to "Text22" in a future update.

Recommended Unique IDs

Depending on which project management or collaborative work management platform you use, we recommend the following fields as unique IDs in OnePager:

  • Microsoft Project Desktop: Unique ID
  • Microsoft Project Server: GUID
  • Microsoft Project Online: GUID
  • Microsoft Project for the web (P4W): Task ID
  • Planisware Enterprise: Internal Number
  • Oracle Primavera P6: Object ID if importing an XML or XER file; Activity ID if going through Excel
  • Smartsheet: SmartsheetTaskID if connecting directly; Row ID if going through Excel
  • Wrike: ID
  • Asana: ID
  • Excel: Create a field called "ID" or "Unique ID" and make sure that it adheres to the requirements noted above.

Last Updated: November 17, 2023