Can't Connect to Project Online/Project Server 2016 to Update a OnePager Report

When using Project Online or Project Server, some OnePager users connect directly to the server to build their reports, while others choose to use Microsoft Project on the desktop as an intermediary. It looks like you might be doing a little of both.

Even if you initially created your OnePager report using Microsoft Project to connect to Project Online/Project Server 2016, you can update your report from OUTSIDE Microsoft Project if it's more convenient.

If you are reading this article, however, it means that OnePager has having difficulty connecting directly to Project Online or Project Server. There are two easy ways to resolve this.

Double-Check Your Credentials

When OnePager can't connect to Project Server 2016 or Project Online, it's usually for one of the following reasons, which are pretty easy to correct:

  • Username/Password are incorrect
  • Project Server/Project Online URL isn't connect
  • You are trying to connect through a proxy server

Check these easy things first. If you're still having trouble, the next set of instructions will work for you.

Update Using the OnePager Pro Add-In for Microsoft Project

If you can't connect to your server directly from OnePager, you can let Microsoft Project do the work for you:

  1. Close the instance of OnePager Pro that is running outside of Microsoft Project.
  2. Launch Microsoft Project on your desktop and open your project plan from Project Online/Project Server 2016.
  3. Once your project plan loads from Project Online, go to Add-ins and click the OnePager button.
  4. OPEN (don't update yet) your project view, and go to Home > Project View Properties > Advanced.
  5. Change the Server Method setting to "Use MS Project Professional". This tells OnePager to let Project load your data from Project Server. Click OK.

  6. Go to the Data tab and continue updating your project view as you normally would: