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Filtering Your Project Plan in OnePager

One of the advantages of OnePager is that you can decide how much information you want to include in your timeline or Gantt chart. Even if your project plan is really large and complex, you can create a clear and focused OnePager report very easily.

There are multiple ways to filter your project before importing it into OnePager, depending on where you are importing from. Click on a link below to explore each option in more detail:

Select Everything

If you have a relatively small project plan, you can tell OnePager to select all tasks and milestones. This will ensure that every single line from your project plan--including summary tasks--will be included in your OnePager report.

We recommend selecting everything if your project plan is 20 tasks or fewer. If you have more than 20 tasks, you'll be better served by being a bit more selective in your filtering.

Microsoft Project Flags and Yes/No Fields

An easy way to select specific tasks and milestones for your OnePager report is to use a yes/no (boolean) field to hand-pick the items that should be included.

With OnePager Pro for Microsoft Project, here are some of the most common fields that people use for a simple yes/no selection:

  • Flag 1-20 (yes/no)
  • Any enterprise custom flag field from Project Server or Project Online
  • Number 1-20 (1/0)
  • Milestone (yes/no)
  • Critical (yes/no)
  • Summary (yes/no)

You can set these yes/no values by hand, or you can use an Excel or Microsoft Project formula to set your flags to yes and no automatically.

Excel Yes/No Fields

With OnePager Express for Excel, any field can be used for filtering as long as it has a clear yes/no indicator. For example:

  • Yes/No
  • Y/N
  • True/False
  • T/F
  • 1/0

Custom Filters

The most powerful way to filter your project plan is to set up a set of rules that look at your data and automatically include or exclude tasks based on whether they meet certain criteria.

Using OnePager's custom import filters, you can look at values in one or several Microsoft Project or Excel fields:

Filter your Microsoft Project plan

Custom import filters can be configured so that tasks are only imported when ALL rules are true (i.e. "AND" logic) or when ANY ONE rule is true (i.e. "OR" logic). Any field from Excel or Project--including enterprise custom fields from Project Server and Project Online--can be used to filter your project plan in OnePager.

Here are some example custom filters:

  • Status = Late
  • Text30 contains abc
  • %Complete < 100
  • Resource Names = John
  • Finish Date < 1/1/2018
  • Cost > 500000

Last Updated: August 18, 2021