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Activate your OnePager Software

If you have purchased software from OnePager, you will need a permanent license key to unlock the software. Simply fill out the information below, and we will send your license key via e-mail.

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 What is my installation code?
To get your installation code, launch OnePager. When the Start Screen appears after launching, click on the yellow Help button in the upper-right-hand corner, and then click on Get Standard License. You can also press Ctrl+L as a shortcut. Your installation code will appear in the licensing form that pops up. Make sure that you obtain the installation code from the computer where you are planning to license the software, since the installation code is different on each computer.

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 What is my order number?
Required for new users. If you are requesting a replacement key, we'll look you up by e-mail address, so you can leave this blank.

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IMPORTANT: Please add [email protected] to your safe senders list to ensure delivery.

After receiving your license key by e-mail please launch OnePager again and go back to Help > Get Standard License. Paste your newly-received license key where prompted and press the Activate license button.