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Request an Upgrade Key

If you are running an older version of OnePager and would like the newest version, you will need an upgrade key. Upgrade keys are available for customers with an active maintenance subscription, or who have purchased one-time upgrade licenses.

PLEASE NOTE: You should only request an upgrade key if you are being prompted for one AFTER installing an upgraded version of OnePager. Upgrade keys are different than standard license keys, and are not interchangeable. If you are being prompted for a license key instead of an upgrade key, please request a STANDARD license key instead.

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* E-mail:

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* Upgrade Type:

I have a Maintenance and Support subscription
I have already paid for an upgrade license
I need to purchase an upgrade


IMPORTANT: Please add [email protected] to your safe senders list to ensure delivery.

After receiving your upgrade key by e-mail please launch OnePager again. Paste your newly-received upgrade key where prompted and press the Activate license button.