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Multi-Page Timelines & Gantt Charts

Learn how to create page breaks, freeze panes, and manage a multi-page project timeline).

OnePager 7.0

OnePager 6.1 and Earlier

If you are building a project report that contains a lot of tasks and milestones, it may be difficult to fit all of the relevant detail into a single-page document. Despite its name, OnePager enables project managers to build multi-page Gantt charts that are ideal for more detailed project reporting.

This video covers:

  • Breaking a project report into multiple pages
  • Freezing panes in a Gantt chart for easier editing
  • Setting, adjusting and clearing page breaks
  • Changing the page size
  • Repeating the time axis, legend, and swimlanes on multiple pages
  • Copying multiple pages of your Gantt chart to PowerPoint or exporting them as an image

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