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Locating Missing Tasks with "Where's My Stuff?!"

If you are missing a task or milestone from your OnePager project timeline that you think should be there, you can use "Where's My Stuff?!" to find and fix the missing item(s).

Common reasons that a task may not appear include:

  • The task has been hidden from the report
  • A flag field is set to not import the task from Project or Excel
  • The date range for your project report does not align with the start/finish dates of the missing task
  • The row containing your missing task has been hidden

There are also some less-common reasons that a task or milestone might not appear where you expect it to:

  • The task is sitting underneath another task and appears buried
  • The task or milestone has been absorbed into another task in the report
  • The task has been collapsed into a virtual summary task with other tasks and milestones

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