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Advanced Conditional Formatting of Tasks and Milestones

Use conditional formatting to control new properties of tasks and milestones like percent complete, baselines, and representation.

OnePager 7.2 expands conditional formatting of tasks and milestones to include dozens of new properties that can be controled automatically based on your project data. Traditionally, conditional formatting has been used to control properties such as task color or milestone shape, but now supports many more properties as well.

To enable advanced conditional formatting, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars/Milestones and click on the Manage Rules button. When the Conditional Formatting Rules screen appears, choose the Advanced radio button to make all of the new properties visible in the grid:

We can create a rule that will turn percent complete bars green when the %Complete field is equal to 100%. Once you've established the conditions for the rule, scroll to the right and locate the cell for Percent Complete formatting. Click into that cell, and a sub-form will pop up with all of the settings that you can control for percent complete. In this case, we'll specify a green progress bar:

Click OK on the sub-form, and the conditional formatting grid will give you a preview of the rule:

Here, the background of the cell is green, indicating a green bar color. The text in the cell confirms that the percent complete bar is on, while the percent complete milestone is unfilled and checkmark percent complete options are turned off.

Click OK twice more, and OnePager will evaluate the conditional formatting rule, changing the color of the percent complete bars as requested:

In this example, the first six tasks in the project are complete, so their percent complete bars are green. The seventh task, "Task G," is 75% complete, so its progress bar remains the default yellow color.

Properties Included in Advanced Conditional Formatting

Here is a full list of the new task and milestone properties that OnePager supports in advanced conditional formatting:

  • Percent Complete: Percent Complete Bar On/Off, Bar Color, Show Incomplete Milestones as Unfilled, Checkmark Percent Complete
  • Baselines: Baseline Symbol On/Off, Shapes, Colors
  • Critical Path Segments: Critical Path Segments On/Off, Color
  • Deadlines & Endpoints: Deadline and Four Endpoints On/Off, Shape, Color
  • Task Representation: Whether an event should be displayed as a task or a milestone
  • Date Labels: Start Date Position, Finish Date Position, Font