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Connect OnePager to Asana's Collaborative Work Management (CWM) platform and import one or several projects.

OnePager Bundle 7.2 supports a direct import from Asana. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to Asana, open your project plan, and switch to the List view:

    Asana project

  2. We recommend only importing a subset of tasks from Asana into OnePager, as opposed to the entire project. To do this, in the List view, click on Show Fields and then Manage Custom Fields. Check to see if there is already a field called OnePager in your account. If there is, turn it on:

    Customize the Asana field display.

    If you don't see the OnePager field, go to Manage custom fields instead, and choose the Add custom field option. From there, go to the Choose from library tab to see if the field is available there. If it isn't there either, then go to the Create new tab and add a new Single-select field called OnePager that consists of Yes/No values:

    Create a custom field called OnePager in Asana

    Checking the Add to field library box when using a custom field makes it available for all of your projects instead of only your current Asana project.

  3. Once the OnePager field is added to your Asana project, place a Yes next to any tasks that you'd like to import from Asana into your OnePager chart. You don't need to put a No next to excluded tasks. OnePager will simply ignore anything without a Yes next to it:

    Asana chart with single-select field to filter import into OnePager

  4. Start OnePager Bundle from your desktop. On the start screen, click New.

  5. On the import wizard, click on Select > BROWSE Asana...

    Browse Asana projects in OnePager

  6. Asana will prompt you to log into your account the first time that you connect, using either your username and password, or Google authentication:

    Log into Asana from OnePager

    If you're on a trusted device and trusted network, you can let OnePager save your credentials so that you do not have to log back in again in the future.

  7. Once connected, OnePager will display a list of all of the projects in your Asana account. Click on the one that you would like to import, or hold down the Ctrl key while you are selecting if you would like to import several projects into one chart. Click OK once you have finished selecting project(s).

    Select Asana project for import into OnePager

  8. Give your chart a name, and make sure that you are selecting tasks based on the OnePager OnePager field in your Asana project:

    Import an Asana project into OnePAger

  9. Click the Create New Chart button. OnePager will import your selected tasks from Asana to create a Gantt chart like this:

    Gantt chart created in OnePager based on an Asana project