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OnePager can periodically save backups of your report to protect you from losing your work in the case of an unexpected system event.

We hope that your computer will never freeze or lose power, but if it ever does, OnePager is making an effort to protect your unsaved work. Starting in OnePager 6.1, we will save a copy of your OnePager report to a separate backup file every five minutes.

Auto-Save does not automatically save on top of your main OnePager file. Instead, it saves a copy to a separate file. You still have full control over when you do and do not save changes to your original OnePager file.

Auto-Save files are copies of your report, and are stored in a safe location on your hard drive. When you close OnePager the normal way under normal circumstances, we'll automatically delete these backup files, so that your hard drive doesn't fill up unnecessarily with extra files. But in the event that OnePager is not shut down normally, either because you force-close the application, or because your whole computer shuts down unexpectedly, the Auto-Save files will remain, and you'll be able to pick up within five minutes of where you left off.

There is nothing you need to do to turn this protection on, as OnePager will make these backups of your work automatically. If you would like to configure where your backups are being saved, you can go to File > Options:

Automatically save a backup of your OnePager Gantt chart