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Percent Complete Checkmarks

Automatically place a checkmark next to tasks and milestones as they become complete

Beginning in OnePager 7.1, we've added new way to display progress in your chart: percent complete checkmarks. This new feature will automatically place a checkmark at the end of any task or milestone that is complete. Incomplete activities will not have the checkmark. This lets you quickly see which activities are finished and which are not without having to read text, or having to look closely at progress bars to try and tell whether something is 95% complete or 100% complete.

Place a checkmark on the task or milestone once it is complete.

To enable percent complete checkmarks, go to Home > Chart Properties > Task Bars (or Milestones) and click on the Percent Complete Properties button. In the upper-right-hand corner, check the box to Add checkmark if complete:

Turn on checkmarks for completed tasks and milestones

After clicking OK, and tasks or milestones that are complete in your project will automatically display the checkmark. Depending on your preferences, you can enable percent complete checkmarks for both tasks and milestones, only tasks, or only milestones. Simply check or uncheck the box in the Task Bars tab, Milestones tab, or both.

Legacy Percent Complete Display

In earlier versions of OnePager, there were a few ways to show which tasks are finished and which are not.

Progress Bars

For tasks, OnePager has the ability to display a progress bar that is tied to percent complete:

Percent complete progress bars

Milestone Fill

For milestones, OnePager can be configured to fill milestones in when they are complete, and leave incomplete milestones hollow:

Percent complete milestone fill

Percent Complete as Text

For both tasks and milestones, OnePager can also display percent complete as text:

Percent complete as text