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Custom Microsoft Project Field Display

OnePager 7.0 displays custom field names and field titles, making them easier to find.

OnePager Pro version 7.0.5 and later now displays custom field titles and field names, if they have been set up in Microsoft Project:

OnePager field mapping selection with Text2 set to a custom field name.

When you have renamed or re-titled a field in Microsoft Project, OnePager's field mapping dropdowns will show it in two separate ways. These two fields are one and the same; they are cross-listed for convenience.

  1. Text1 (Custom Field Name)
  2. Custom Field Name (Text1)

Re-Titled Fields

Most users change the title of their Microsoft Project fields by right-clicking on the field, choosing Field Settings from the dropdown, and then entering a different Title:

Change the title of a Microsoft Project field

Here, the "Text1" field has been re-titled as "Custom Field Title" and will be displayed in OnePager as follows:

  1. Text1 (Custom Field Title)
  2. Custom Field Title (Text1)

Renamed Fields

Some users change the name of the field, as opposed to the title, by right-clicking on the field and choosing Custom Fields from the dropdown instead. They can then click the Rename... button and type in a revised name for the field:

Rename a field in Microsoft Project

Here, the "Text2" field has been renamed to "Custom Field Name" and will be displayed in OnePager as follows:

  1. Text2 (Custom Field Name)
  2. Custom Field Name (Text2)

Conflicting Names and Titles

In some cases, users choose to change both the name and the title of the field, and change them to different values. In these cases, OnePager will display the title of the field instead of the name, which is consistent with how Microsoft Project treats these conflicts.