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Custom Import Filters

Custom import filters allow you to create a set of rules that govern which tasks and milestones will be included in your OnePager chart.

Custom import filters augment the existing flag-field filtering that OnePager has traditionally supported. To set up custom import filters:

  1. On the OnePager import wizard, ensure that the Select tasks by custom filter radio button is selected:
  2. A rules editor will appear. First, select whether you want OnePager to filter on ANY of your rules (logical OR) or on ALL of your rules (logical AND):
  3. Next, set up as many rules as you'd like based on any fields from your project plan. In this example, we'll filter for tasks with a cost of $500+ which are scheduled to start in Q1 2017:
  4. Click OK and create your project view as you normally would.
  5. You can change your rules later, either in the update wizard, or by going to Home > Project View Properties > Main:
  6. If you do make changes to your rules, you'll need to update your OnePager project view to have them take effect. For convenience, you can do this from the Data tab: