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Data-Driven Task Links

Import dependency information to show predecessor and successor links directly from your project plan.

OnePager 6.1 now includes the ability to import predecessor information directly from Microsoft Project or Excel so that you can show dependencies between tasks and milestones without having to re-link them:

Import predecessors and successors directly from your project plan.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create your OnePager report as you normally would, then go to Home > Project View Properties > Task Links:

    Import data-driven dependencies and decide how you want to filter them.
  2. Turn on data-driven links. If you are using Microsoft Project, Project Server, or Project Online, we'll automatically locate your predecessor information and bring it in. If you are using Excel, you'll have the ability to specify which field in Excel contains your predecessor information, as well as whether you want to import using a Microsoft Project syntax or a Primavera P6 syntax.
  3. Decide whether you want to show all links, or if you want to filter them based on conditions in your data. In the example above, we've chosen to only show links that are on the critical path.
  4. Click OK to import and filter your links. If you've brought in too many or too few links, you can click on the Where Are My Links button to individually turn links on and off. These links are still data-driven; you're just deciding whether or not to show them in your report.

    Pick and choose which dependencies you want to display.