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Easier Text Editing

OnePager 7.0's new point-and-click interface makes it easier to edit individual text elements in your Gantt chart.

In previous versions of OnePager, all text elements associated with a given task were grouped together. So, if a task had text for its task name, start date, finish date, and percent complete, all four of those pieces of text would have likely shared formatting. While it was possible to format different pieces of text individually, it was not intuitive. OnePager 7.0 has made this considerably easier.

Editing Individual Text Elements

To edit an individual text element, simply left-click on the piece of text that you would like to edit. Each text element is individually-selectable so that any edits you make apply only to that one element:

In the video above, each individual text element can be given its own color and can be positioned anywhere in or around the task bar. Users can also change fonts, font sizes, and apply bold, italic, or underline styles in the same manner.

You can select several elements at once using a Ctrl + Left-Click. To de-select text elements, simply left-click anywhere in the whitespace of the chart, and the selected items will un-highlight.

Editing Groups of Text Elements

If you want to edit all of the text elements associated with a specific task, left-click on the task itself instead of on individual task elements. You'll see that all text elements associated with the task are all selected as a group when you click on the shape:

In the video above, when a group of related labels are selected, a change in color will be applied to everything at once. The same is true of positioning: if you have multiple text boxes selected and swtich their position from top to bottom, all selected text will move to the bottom position.

By the way, if you prefer not to have lots of text selected when you click on a task or milestone, go to Home > Chart Properties > Advanced. In the Display Options section, uncheck the box to Select Associated Text. With this setting turned off, left-clicking on a task or milestone will only select the shape and not any associated text.

Using the Format Form

If you prefer more control than selecting boxes on-screen and changing them on the fly, you can right-click on any task bar and choose the Format option. From here, there is a tabbed interface that lets you control the formatting of the text for Task Labels, Dates, Percent Complete and more. This is especially useful if you have accidentally combined multiple pieces of text together and want to split them back apart into individual elements for more precise editing again: