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Emoji Milestone Shapes

Emojis greatly expand the number of available milestone shapes in OnePager.

OnePager 7.1 introduces emojis as a new type of milestone shape. There are now two distinct families of milestone shapes:

  1. Dynamic Milestone Shapes: These are the traditional milestones, where users select a shape outline and then have the ability to customize the border, fill color, and fill pattern.
  2. Emoji Milestone Shapes: New in version 7.1, emojis provide users the ability to have multi-colored milestone shapes. For example, a smiley face might have a yellow background, blue eyes, and red lips. Because most emojis are multi-colored, users do not have the ability to customize the fill color or borders of emojis as they do with dynamic milestone shapes. However, the emoji size is still configurable.

Gallery of Emoji Milestone Shapes

Emoji milestone shapes are segmented into nine different categories to make them easier to find using OnePager's new milestone shape interface.


Body Parts

Animals & Nature

Food & Drink

Travel & Places





Flags were available in earlier versions of OnePager, but are now classified as emojis due to their multi-colored nature.